Serving Fort Qu'Appelle and area, Unique Home Services is a company that has successfully built a reputation for quality in personalized home renovations.

We offer customized services catered to your specific needs and products.
Our different siding products protect your home from hard climate; sun, snow storms, thunderstorms can cause real damage to your house.

Nothing will impact the appearance of your home more dramatically than the type of siding you choose.

We sell the material that suits the style of your house and also fits your lifestyle.
Combined to the fascia, our vented soffits help keep out insects and rodents and promote proper airflow, a lower risk of rot damage, and more efficient air conditioning in summer.

Our soffits are not just maintenance-free, durable, and good-looking. They keep your home protected.

Year after year, you will appreciate the time, effort and expense you save with a finish that resists blistering, flaking and peeling.
Improve the appearance of your home with fascia cover.

Fascia cover is the forward facing cladding that covers and protects the fascia board from water and the elements, while adding a clean finished look.

As with all our aluminum products it provides a long lasting, maintenance free finish.
We perform minor repairs and installations.
We are providing a full range of exterior & interior home renovation services.

Contact us for all your specific needs.
We offer a wide range of colors to match any home.